quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Mr President - Cut costs in the army, not in energy efficiency

Excuse me, sir, what I tell you.
Our budget, in our little country, is also affected by an huge indebtness and our government is cutting public expenditure, like yours.
Really, your GDP is very good, the biggest in the world.
US dollars 14 trillions (14x10E12) … not bad, compared with Portugal GDP, US dollars 220 billions (220x10E9) or 0.2 trillions...
You must teach us how to produce.
But you must excuse me again, it is a problem to solve these Wall Street guys.
Our bankers are also a problem, they don’t want that our government rises their taxes.
Another big problem: you must cut costs in army.
The best will be you accelerate Afganisthan withdraw, sincerely.
Cut costs with the army, but invest in energy efficiency, renewables, decarbonisation, safe nuclear, how to make synthetic fuel from coal and wood (ask your advisers to recover the Carter energy plan), and so on, and so on, that’s what is worth, believe and old man.
Best luck.

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